Simple Wall Garden




Introduction: Simple Wall Garden

My mom wanted to have a graden against the wall. So i decided okay might aswell.

Here is a very simple instructables and it is all up to you how u lay it out and set up. Don't be limited by what i have done and always edit to make it suit yourself and better.

Step 1:

What you will need.
-bamboo (i used it as it was readily available due to where i live)
-a saw or chisel and hammer to split the bamboo (a chisel worked better in my case)
-gutter holders
-wood varnish and nails or screws

Step 2:

first find yourself a wall where you have enough space and sunlight. Then collect your bamboo (i had to cut mine). Clean it and then cut it into multiple shorter pieces. i made mine 2 meters long. Of course you can make yours shorter or longer which ever you prefer. 

Step 3:

Now split your bamboo. If possible cut of only 1/3 off the top so you have the bottom larger part to hold your plants. I did not think of this earlier therefore i split mine in half.  Next let it dry a bit and then apply the wood varnish to preserve it from bugs and natural breakdown.

Step 4:

Now mark out on the wall were you want to attach your gutter holders to hold your bamboo. I used gutter holders as they were just lying around and were extremly eays to fit onto the wall and suited my purpose. My original idea was to build a stand but you can also insert nails an then have you bamboo hang down from rope or so.

i also modified my gutter holders to better fit the bamboo i was using

Now after marking the holes drill a hole and make sure everything firt and is exactly how you want to.

Step 5:

Now hang all your cut bamboo pieces into their positions and your done. Now all thats left is to get some soil and plant tht don't require too much soil and plant them. Small flowers and species of cactie worked with mine (not shown).

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    4 years ago

    I like that a lot great job! I bet it looks beautiful filled with plants and flowers!