Single Loom Bracelet

Introduction: Single Loom Bracelet

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welcome today i will be teaching you a single bracelet i hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

hi guys this is a really easy bracelet and will proably take only a few minutes to make! you will need roughly about 25 bands a s clip or c clip any hook metal or plastic your hands any loom.

Step 2: Time to Start Your Bracelet

now get your bands and make a zizag shape all the way up the loom missing the 3rd row until you get to the end.

Step 3: Time to Do Your Cap Band and Then Once You've Done That Loop

once you finish doing a zizag all the way up your loom you need to make a cap band to do this you need to get your band twist it into a figure of 8 and fold it on it's self then put it on the last bottom peg then turn it around and start hooking go under the cap band and hook the band underneath onto the next hook try not to take your cap band off this will wreck your bracelet and will take longer.

Step 4: Once You've Finished Hooking Your Bands You Will Need to Remove the Bracelet

to remove the bracelet you will need to do a slip knot get your hook and put it through your top peg making sure all the top peg's bands are held by the hook now it's through and you've sticked it through all the bands get a band and put one bit onto a thick part of your hook so it doesn't fall off and pull it through a bit then grab the other side and put onto your hook together onto a thick part now you can safely remove your bracelet from the loom once you've done that you need to keep it on your hook until you have put an s clip on both bits once you've got a clip and put it on there made sure both bits are in the clip let go and hook the other side there you have your bracelet.

Step 5: Well Done You've Finished I Hope You Enjoyed This.

thank you for making a single bracelet with me if you enjoyed this please comment or like so i know so i can make more if you didn't or theres a bit you didn't get comment below tell me if you didn't like it but please no nasty or rude you've finished i hope you enjoyed this is my single bracelet it is different to the start because yesterday my loom went funny so it broke my bracelet and i quickly made one to show you guys thanks.

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