Steampunk Octopus Hair Fancier

Introduction: Steampunk Octopus Hair Fancier

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i have seen a steampunk octopus hair fancier and i really want to make one, so this is my octopus fanicer

what you'll need

styorfoam ball ( 3inches & 5 inches)


glass pebbles

dollar store wig

hot glue gun

bobby pins


cutting board


hair curlers

curling iron

hair spray

Step 1: Building the Body

so you are going to need two Styrofoam balls, one 3inches, the other 5inches

cut the 3 inch ball in half, the halves you are going to carve eyes out on these

cut just a little bit off the bottom of the 5 inch one, that will the body

with the hot glue gun, glue the head halves to the body.* play around with the head and the body till you find the shape you want the octopus to be.

*note: i was going to tentacles to it as well but i couldnt get it to work, so i took them off*

Step 2: The Eyes

get a bag of glass pebbles from the dollar store. the are all not the same size so play around with them.....

once you have the ones you want , paint the centre of the eye... and thats it.

*note: the last picture shows no tentacles*

Step 3: Covering the Body

its time to cover the head and body with felt. i went with black because it matches the hair that i used

with the glue gun, start gluing the felt to the body, make sure you get a tight cover on it.. if you have to trim, no problem, just trim the felt that is sticking out, off.

make sure you put glue in the eye holes and press the felt in.

Step 4: Hair Time

now the time you have been waiting for.... get you wig that you bought ( i got mine at the dollar store)

undo the stiches and start gluing

to start you start on the body first. take a long piece of hair..about 5 inches to 6 inches, fold it in half and glue it from the left to right (or right to left) as long at it is across the body. next start on the eyes, and then the head... and than again from the body, try and make sure you get the felt cover as much as you can.

if you have glue showning just use and bit of paint to cover them. no one is ever the wiser

*not shown* once it has cooled you can curl the hair... do as many or as little "tentacles" as you want.... once curled, put the curl tentacles in curers and pins...

Step 5: Wearing the Octopus

being that it is light, you only need bobby pins to hold it on.... i used about 14 of them, and dont forget to style your hair too and ta da... you are ready for a night on the town....

hope this help and enjoy.. if you have question i will try and answer them for you

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If there were some way to make the wig-hair into dreadlocks, you could give the octopus tentacle-dreadlocks. I guess you could make dreadlocks from your own hair, too, and arrange it a particular way to get the same effect, but that seems like a lot of work every time you want to wear the thing.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, i try to find a stuff toy octopus, but i couldnt find one to save my life.... but im really glad how they turned out..... i have been told that they follow you where ever you go.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is so cool. The eyes are particularly awesome.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thankyou.... i couldnt find a stuff any fake eyes, but im glad that i didnt now....