Introduction: Stick Candle Holder

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This project is a cheap way to make your candle holder look sweet giving it a rustic look kinda. This candle holder works with both battery powered candles and flame candles. I had the glass candle holder laying around and went out side to get some some sticks and was ready to make it. I used a glue gun and glue sticks to attach the wood sticks. This stayed but didn't not stick the best. I would recommend a gorilla glue. I got my glass candle holders at goodwill. Sissors work best to cut the wood sticks.

cost= low

time= short

tools- few

I would recommend these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


candle holder



sissors/ knife

bag for sticks and scraps

Step 2: Cut Sticks

When I cut the sticks I made it so that they were not all the same height but close to the top of the candle holder. I used a sisors to cut the sticks. Be careful some sticks shot off when you cut them. I tried to use the straightest sticks i could some curve but that's okay. Not sure what kind of sticks we used but i think dead sticks look the best. Make sure you gather enough sticks so that you can finish it at once.

Step 3: Glue Sticks to Holder

Start gluing your sticks on one at a time starting at the the edge of one of sides. Put the glue along the edge of the stick and place it against the glass candle holder.Take another stick and add glue to one edge of that and place it next to the first stick you glued down. Do this all the way to the edge trying to glue the sticks as close together as possible. I lined up the sticks for each side ahead of time before gluing. After I had one side glued down I layed it down on that side and added weight to the top hold the glue to the glass candle holder. After the glue dries add sticks to the next side and repeat the previous steps. Once all sides are glued down your down add your candle and light it up. Great for cabins, living rooms or any room.