Introduction: Strawberry Jam Upgrade

hallo. appolgies as my laptop was stollen with all my pic.

this is how to upgrade your strawberry jam. old school would say 1 too 1 sugar and fruit. WRONG.

you kill the flavour of your fruit using sugar as your prezervant.

part 1. waight of fruit. now take your time and chop this puppys up small. like 3mm by 3mm/ (sorry dont do imperial) just like twice the size of a match head. WAT?? WHY? simple. the quicker you can remove the liqude the less sugar used and ........ better flavour as the fruit is not cremated..

part 3. check your waight. now pop in 1/3 sugar. ( so i got 6xx i add 2xx) with them in a pot. dont put on the heat yet. stir around a bit and let them sit.WHY. the sugar will draw even more liqued out.

part 4, onto the stove. gas or electric please start as low as you can. you want to get all in the pot to warm up first. take your time no rush. you will see all the liquid move up and get its groove on with the friut. .

part 5. now lets bring up the heat a bit. maybe 2 or 3 on electric . or gental wave to half flame on gas. now here is where you are in the drivers seat. dont stir fast. all you need to aim at.. is dont burn or stick to the bottom and thats it. gently does it.

LAST STEP!! YAH HOO! you cant give time to be married to. cold plate in the fridge. as it starts thicken. take a small spoon and run it on the cold plate. wait for it 10 -9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1/ run your clean finger ( hay i dont know wat you have been scratching. ) threw the the gooo. does it stay devided. yes.(your done) no keep going. dont feel lost just check and think. now your almost done. drop in the back of a teaspoon of citric acid. its a soft poweder that adds the ZAAANNNG. always start small . and go untill your in love.

thats it. usual putting in hot clean jar. not to worryd about shelf life as its so good. you will find your self at part 1 tomorrow.

most chefs make you feel small. dont. use your brain. taste all the time. and ajjust. and thats it. now dont be shy in being your self. wat do you like? and try.

best of luck to you all.

lots of love and smelling pizz takes. rolfo just realized to ask for your vote. ( it is a bit cheeky, but i could win somthing he he)) xx

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