Introduction: Superhero Keychain

This is an easy instructable on making a superhero keychain

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you'll need:
shrinky dinks
printed picture of a hero
colored pencils
oven/toaster oven
hole puncher

Step 2: Making It

To start off, cut out a quarter of the shrinky dinks( from now on SD). Print out your chosen picture to fit into the cut out. Now take the picture and press it onto the drawing side(not the smooth side). you can tape it if you want. Take any sharpened pencil and trace over the most important features, including the outline. Press hard onto the paper with the pencil and work on the same area several times. Eventually, you'll be able to make out an outline of the hero on the rougher side of the SD.
 Working on a dark surface in a lighted room should allow you to see the outline of the hero, which will allow you to to trace over that, and recreate the image of the hero onto the SD. Now start coloring the new image, basing the colors on the original picture.
 Once the new picture is ready, take the hole puncher and punch a hole wherever you want.

Step 3: Last Steps

Now that you know where the hole is, cut all around the figure and around the hole. warm up in the oven according to the instructions. For mine, I heated it at 160 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Carefully take out the figure, put a keyring through the hole, and you're done! 

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