Swcc Lego Boat

Introduction: Swcc Lego Boat

This boat is a kind of specops infiltration boat and is design with an antenna and radar, a big easy space for getting in and out or to carry stretches or hostages.

Step 1: Material Needed

1. 2x(8x6 lego plates)

2. 1x(6x4 lego plate)

3. 1x(6x2 lego board)

4. 1x(6x1 lego board)

5. 1xbow shaped plate

6. 2x small tails

7. 2x(8x1 blocks)

8. 2x(4x1 blocks)

8. 6x single blocks, being at least one with a hole in the upper head

9. 6x(6x1 blocks quil shaped blocks

10. 1xpropeller shaft block

11. 1xwindshield

12. 4xtriangle shaped blocks

13. 2xfour pins winglet plates

14. 3xgrip surfaces

15. 1xstearing wheel

16. 1xslipery board

17. 1xmachinegun block and barrel/antenna

18. 1xcenterlined board

19. 1x 2pins board

Step 2: Construction

build in this layout or similar.I don't have all pieces, like the propeller.

NOTE:this instructable is just an inspiration, it can be built much better with the propper pieces,or even with a yatch/boat kit.

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