Introduction: Sweet Hidden Knife

this is my first Instructable so be rational on rating

so kiddies today we are going to make a hidden knife


for me i had a survival knife so it screwed apart






duct tape-_

Step 1: Disassemble

disassemble the knife and toy.

if your lucky your blade will be held on by a nut
and you just poke a hole in the head of the toyand screw it on

but if not you could use hot glue or duct tape

Step 2: Case

Give a general description of the Stepfor the inside i got the type of hard plastic thet the pacage stuff in and you can never ever get off with all your fingers.

i slowley heated it up over the stove so it was bendable and held it together with duct tape and insert. \/

Step 3: Safety

for safety put duct tape around the base of the knife so that it will not fall out if upside down