Table Dragon Miniature(from Real Bone)

Introduction: Table Dragon Miniature(from Real Bone)

A (table) miniature dragon (from real bone),the perfect decor for your spooky living room.

scrap plywood
wooden sticks
cigarette rolling paper
a real skull(or parts of many real skulls)
wood glue
and two fishing weights(optional)

making of:
-first of all find yourself the correct plywood scraps and modify and glue them together to form the skeleton.
  to the joints i used bits of the wooden sticks driven into holes i drilled on the plywood.and then glue
-join the cigarette rolling papers with just some saliva(i sticked them lined up,but its not beautifull.try to do it in some more random
-the rest is quite easy.glue the skull(mine is upper half i think dogish,lower half from a lamb,found them while rock climbing)
- i put the fishing weights on because the dragon would fall without them.bear in mind the weight center when building this beauty.

thats all.

more (and bettter) photos within the week!

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