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​Teacher/Edu Focused Contests Answered

Hey, teacher community! Did you know we are running three exciting teacher/edu focused contests right now? And we are launching more each month! :)

The Classroom Science Contest is ending July, 29th and the Grand Prize is a $1000 Amazon Gift Card.

We're also running a DIY Summer Camp Contest which ends August 26th and The Growing Beyond Earth Maker Contest which ends February 2nd.

As we're planning more education focused contests, we would love to get your suggestions and feedback for the types of contests and prizes you would like to see.

Is there a contest for a specific subject or topic you'd like to see? Are there prizes that would help meet a need in your classroom?

We want the teacher contests to be a fun way to show off what you're doing in the classroom and provide you with prizes that help you continue to do all the amazing stuff you do, so let us know. :D

P.S. Here's a preview of some of our upcoming contests.



2 days ago

I would like to see hacks for teaching different subjects: A hack for teaching writing or a hack for teaching reading.


4 days ago

I definitely like the Amazon GC (and other types of GC for supplies I can't get from Amazon, like LEGO robotics, etc.). I think anything that can help teachers with supplying their classroom with high tech tools and materials (3D printers, robotics, iPads, PC's, etc.) is great.