the Versatile Side Dish, Grit Cakes

Introduction: the Versatile Side Dish, Grit Cakes

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Grit cakes are the perfect side dish to any meal. They can range from slop to gourmet depending on the preparation and the use. This side can be made ahead and refrigerated until time to use. They can be cooked in a skillet, microwave, toaster oven, barbecue. This is a great side for tailgating, barbecues, and even brunch.

Step 1: Prepare the Ingridients....

For our basic recipe we will be using:
Grits (quick or regular) 1 Cup Bacon (fresh or precooked) 3-4 Rashers Green Onion 1/2 Cup Chopped or 2-4 Stalks Cheddar Cheese Chicken Stock (optional) Spices: Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder Step 1: Cook the bacon. You can use leftover precooked bacon or make it fresh. I baked my bacon in an oven @375 Fahrenheit for around 20 minutes. Keep an eye on your bacon as it cooks. The bacon can be cooked, crisp, or crunchy depending on your preference.

Step 2: Get the Grits....

Step 2: While the bacon is cooking, I prepare the grits. You can use
regular or quick cooking grits. I generally use quick for Grit Cakes. Follow the instructions to prepare the grits. I used 4 Cups of Chicken Stock to 1 Cup of grits.

Step 3: Get Choppin....

Step 3: While the grits simmer and the bacon finishes, chop the green
onions. Once the bacon is finished baking and cool enough, chop it into small bits.

Step 4: Mix It Up....

Step 4: Mix the green onions, bacon, and spices, to taste into the warm grits.

Step 5: Mold These Grits....

Step 5: Pour the mixture into an appropriately sized greased pan. I like to use my 9x9 glass dish with a lid for small batches.

Step 6: Make It Cheesy....

Step 6: Add the cheese to the warm grits and put the lid on. Once the
dish is cool enough, put it in the refrigerator until cold. I use cheddar this time, however, you can be as creative as you like. Cheese slices work well and are great for measuring your cut squares.

Step 7: Serve It Up....

Step 7: When you are ready to serve the side, simply cut the size
square you wish to serve and heat. This time I chose to heat the cakes in a non-stick skillet. The grits turn golden brown on the bottom. If your pan allows, you can flip the cakes over to make a crispy cheddar top. Be creative when serving the grit cakes. They can be formed into circles with rings. Serving ideas include: Egg over easy Shrimp and hot sauce sour cream Pulled pork, chicken or beef, warm the grit cakes in the barbecue for a smoky flavor

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