Introduction: The Axe of Prometheus

choose something you want to copy

Step 1: The Base

because it doesn't exist in real or plan of it, with lots of picture from the movies by second by second to choose the better views and angle you can find

Step 2: Here We Can Real Begin

two years i did a plan but it was a lot less nice...
them two, view from the side and view from under took me nearly 4 hours, and thanks from the maths i did at school wich i needed to do lot of ratio.

Step 3: The Form Appears

i choose to do it at first in clay cause it easy to shape.
after i mold it with reverse alginate wich i love to used, you melt it and you can make a new mold!
you remove the clay and be ready for the plaster

Step 4: Here the Form

i had to do it in two pieces to make easier to shape at first, but, because the blade of the axe is thin non more than 5millimeters it broke :-(
i glued then together and after correct the shape with automobile mastic.

Step 5: My Prefer's Part!!

make the mold in sand in two piece again
and make the aliminium melt!!!

i wanted to do it in iron but the furnace cost a lot more to do so i choose aluminium, that was my first furnace and melt.

Step 6: A Bit of Work Later

an hour later, the axe is ready, corrected and paint with a primer

Step 7: The Handle

again 2 hours of making the plan from the picture
a piece of wood, and carving it.

because it not an axe wich can exist at begining, cause the wood handle should go inside a hole of the blade, this one is not made like this, and looking closer on picture we can see tjat the axe in the movies as a link all along the handle, should be made with two pieces of platic!

i wanted to weld a piece of alumium to make the fixation buti didn't have what's needed so i dril and tap to put a long screw inside which i insert and glued inside the handle

Step 8: Tadaaaaa

glued, painted,
i am happy of the end, pretty good looking, feels strong

looking closer there is some difference with the original even if i wanted to do a perfect copy.

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