Introduction: The Survival Kit

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this is my second instructable...and THIS one HAS pictures!!!
this survival kit has about EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!

Step 1: Materials

what you need-
-a small box (about 1(by)1 inches)
-an altoids 'chewing gum' tin (1)
-a safety pin(1)
-(1)swiss-tech key chain screwdriver
-(1)small knife (one and a half inches)
- medical wrap (kind of like a bandana but MADE for cuts and scrapes)
-a box that fits the medical wrap,altoids tin,the small box,the screwdriver and knife
-1 and a half foot rope (doesn't have to be exact)

Step 2: Step 2

for this step, you will neeed to role up the rope and put it in the altoids tin and put the altoids tin in the big box.

Step 3: Now the Small Box

put the magnet at the very bottom of the small box (this is really just for anythig you want to put in this area) (i put a few small bandages ontop of the magnet)

Step 4: The Medical Wrap

now put the medical wrap right above the small box.

Step 5: The Knife and Screwdriver

now put the knife and screwdriver between the medical wrap/small box between th altoids tin
(as shown in picture)

Step 6: The Safety Pin

on this step all you need to do is stick the safety pin through the top of the big box

then cole the safty pin and close the box.

Step 7: Your Done!!!

now your finished!!! if you want it to be camoufladge or something like that it will REALLY help when your trying to hide from something or something.