Pyrolixer - can you help me figure out what it is?

I need to figure out the actual name of something I bought years ago under the name of "Pyrolixer" for pyro-effects (in Germany). I am also curious as to whether you could diy it.Let me describe what this is about: a liquid that you apply to paper and let dry. When you set fire to that area, it will smolder away, but only where you applied the liquid. From what I gather, it is used for magic tricks and similar effects. In addition to have paper smolder slowly, you can use it to reveal a message by letting it burn away specific areas.Can anyone help me out? "Pyrolixer" does not appear to be a good search term, and thus probably now the English/original/technical name for this. Any feedback is appreciated, and ideas about how to make your own even more so!Thank you!

Posted by Dominic Bender 9 hours ago


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How can I slow down an 230v electrical fan motor???

Hi.I have this fan but the lowest speed is too LOUD!!!Would it be possible to solder on a resistor or something like that?The label says: Induction motor Class E 230v 50Hz 40w model DT30B There is also a speed controller 0,1,2,3.Let me know if I should capture the fan/label.I am very grateful for all responses.Thanks.

Asked by ddmeltzer8 16 hours ago