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*******HOW MANY VIEWS DO U HAV****** Answered

hi guys um... i was just wondering (said above) i hav 2thousand sum thing views on my skewer gun. below my fav sniper rifle. psg-1


So how does one search for all time page views through all Instructables?

sort by date....

then, where it says sort=page+views (or something like that)

change it to


Mind you, I'm pretty sure it's not complete - that is, it only counts total hits since the counter started (not sure though) :P

Ah, someone finally brought this topic up. I've been toying with this idea, trying to get an approximate map of the interests of the Instructables population. On this account, I posted an Instructable that would attract the K'Nex / Improvised Explosive / Not-Liable-for-any-Damages crowd. Unfortunately, this was my first, and I made the mistake of bundling both keyword bombing and an alluring title, in addition to the subject matter. I meant to separately test all of these, but this works in another way, I suppose: I get to see how many views I can attract with all of these tactics combined. So far, the shuriken Instructable has accumulated 37210 views. It's been a regular 5-6k a month for the last 4 months. By the way, bet you can't guess my other accounts. :D

Mine, the 3D effect with GIMP is 10th most viewed ever at the moment; at a little over 110,000 But mine got Dugg quite a bit, and then several blogs picked it up from there, including LifeHacker, so I've had a little bit of unintended advantage. My original purpose was to demonstrate the technique for a little forum I'm a member of, I never thought it would get as big as it has. Heck, there's only a handful of replies and a couple dozen views on the thread I posted in that forum. Just goes to show the power of the internet.

What's the point? A part of my anatony which is 'this' big, where is this topic going? L

I've got one in the top one hundred of all instructables, I'm happy 28500

10296 in Large Scale Mold Making
14060 in Air Cannon
22518 in Hydroponics

Hrmmm.. Just found this -- to sort your published works to sort by total views rather than weekly, add (ampersand)sort=hits_total to the end of your published works url. Neato

Looks like the Invisible Book Shelf has the most total hits since the hit counter started :)

um mine is the 5th or so most viewed instructable in the gun category. but ur cannon has more views y? i tried ur url thing but it dident work.

probably because it's being sorted weekly - instead of total ;)

It appears that you can't sort categories anymore :/ Bugger

sortBy HITS_TOTAL is not (yet?) supported by ForumTopics

How did you sort the category -- it looks like you can't sort it other than by default date :P

Ahh, I get it -- you're looking at keywords - not categories (our instructables aren't even in the same category :P). Which you can sort by different page view styles.

Here it is - sorted by Total Page Views

Yours falls between 105-120 of 190 when sorted by total views:

my exact view count is 2482