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**Please Define This Word. Everyone who replies wins a prize...** Answered

PLEASE! At school today, this word came up. I know I have heard it before, but can't remember where, or what it means.

Of course, i don't know the spelling...

It sounds like DEL-FWAY-GO

Maybee spelled like...Delfuaygo, Delfwaygo, Delfaygo, Delaflaygo.

Anybody heard of this? Please let me know.

By the way, the prize is.... a FREE GAS compossed of roughly 78% nitrogen 20.95% Oxygen 0.93% Argon and 0.04% Carbon Dioxide!

It can be picked up where ever dust particles, dander, germs, and airborne carcinogens are sold!


Its name comes from Ferdinand Magellan, who was the first European to pass it in 1520. He believed he was seeing the many fires (fuego in Spanish) of the Amerindians, which were visible from the sea, and that the "Indians" were waiting in the forests to ambush his armada. It is, however, more likely that the fires he witnessed were from natural sources such as lightning.[1] Four native Fuegians, including "Jemmy Button" (Orundellico), were brought from Tierra del Fuego by Robert Fitzroy on his first voyage with the Beagle in 1830. They were taken to meet the King and Queen in London and were to an extent celebrities. The surviving three returned to Tierra del Fuego with the Beagle with Charles Darwin, who made extensive notes about his visit to the islands. In 1881 it was divided between Argentina and Chile; previously it was claimed by both countries in its entirety.

I think lemonie is right, but out of curiosity, what was the context?

A teacherm by the name of Mr. Buckvic, Took my skatebaord away, cause I was standing on it in the halls. Out of rage, I called him Mr. ButFuck. Then at the end of the school day, I went to retrieve my board when ButFuck said he gave it to Mr. DelSordo, the VP. I knew I heard the word before, and becuase of my rather upset mindset and excessive name calling, I said Mr. DeFuego. DelFAGo would be more harassing, but I only want to harass him, not our friends in the homosexual community...

Thanks, nice research. It might be a physical object noun of some sort, but if nothing comes back, then I geuss we will refer to it as place :D