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i saw that this contest had no forum topics so i i just wanted to add one.



Thanks Niftycurly, that's great info. Everyone in the contest should do a print screen of that ad. The winner will have to pay taxes on the stated value $1499 unless they can prove it could be purchased for less. 

Disclaimer: Tax laws are constantly changing, consult an account.

 By the by - in case anyone is shopping for the grand prize machine ($1499 at HSN, are they high?) It's only $750 at Costco, and on sale until March 14 for $599 delivered. www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx

wow... simply shocking.


"make a new Instructable that shows how to sew up something to fight the cold"
 How does hacking a mattress fit this category ?

Which contest?


You know...the one being sponsored by the one company......They're offering a prize or something? You know, that one!

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