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6 years ago

Ok can somebody PLEASE explain to me how knex pandemonium works I really don't understand

Knex people go to Ohio and bring their Knex guns. Then shoot eachother with them.

Really? So lets say that somebody lives in Maine. You would take a plane and fly down there. Is it really that big of a deal

Only people from Ohio, Michigan, and New York have gone so far.
But it isn't too weird for people to travel far for events like this. The Nerf community often has people go from California to New Jersey and vice versa.

how old do knexer usually have to be to go?

all those guns and not a single L bow...

to be honest the original kinda sucked, and the far better version still hasn't been posted. but I get your point, theres no beating a tr

I so no practical reason to pick your L bow over a properly built tr. It seems like you give up ROF for a slight range increase.

Jeebus Crust...

What gun was oodalumps using? I've never seen it before.

wooo wats the best gun there? if you just say a TR who's?

Alright, obviously a lot of custom TR/BRs, NARs, and bolt action rifles of sorts. Anything else I can't quite pick out?

http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii135/bakenbitz/war/?action=view&current=DSC00483.jpg&newest=1 The almighty devourer of souls of course.

It's probably more powerful than I think, but I always laugh when I see that thing. XD

I suppose the Slamfire does count as a custom TR/BR? Just wondering.

how many? 30 knex guns?



8 years ago

Okay dude, I saw those and I thought they were all yours, Then started getting jealous, Until I read the other comments that said it was Pandemonium.

Is that all of YOUR knex??

Hell no, he ain't the only one at pandemonium.

No wonder the cops showed up.


8 years ago


That's a lot of turreted guns.