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??? Best Invention Ever ??? Answered

Well people what do you think is the best invention ever well.... invented i personally think it is sliced bread cause you cant eat an entire loaf


. BTW, lightpacker, I love the Karate Kat pic, but this page loads noticably slower than most of the others because of it's quarter MB size.

It's brutal: "Ooh, Tetris ice-cubes? Sweet!..::click::...No god! It's a 'Show All Steps" link! Quick, back back back! Too late, my browser's frozen for 20 minutes downloading 214 pictures." XD

That must have killed your modem, I remember that instructable, it took a while even on my 5mb connection. I would say look into if your isp has satellite internet you can get. Ours does, and it's apparnetly close to 20mb, but not only the $200 equipment cost, but then it's no good for gaming online because of the latency, sometimes you can, but you get the odd person living in some weird spot and it just doesn't get that great of a signal.

The only game I play is Unreal Tournament. The one from '99. XD I think DSL can handle it. :P

Lol, people are still around playing that online?

Indeed, the community is still pretty active. About a thousand people on at any given time. 9 years and still going strong! :D

If you have a link to it, post please, I'd love to play (for free).

Every once in a while, a copy will turn up in a thrift store. About 3 years back, you'd see ut99 at Wal-Mart, as one of those crappy $9.99 games that they set up just above all the other games. They sometimes still have a copy, floating around in the big bin o' games that they're trying to unload. Heh, the deeper you go in those things, the older the games get. It's pretty fun actually, you can pretend you're a geologist taking arctic core samples. "Diablo? We've gone too deep, retract the drill!" XD


Well unless you want to download it via: warez, torrent community, or p2p, it's not free, and being instructables frowns apon such content, you're off to fend for yourself (pm me, I'll hook ya up :p)


lol Im with kiteman.

Sorry... Fire was not an invention. It was a discovery. The first invention (machine) would have been the lever.

Oh, we're going by "invention" meaning a machine? Oops, I just lost another argument with Punkguyta, then. ::shakes fist::

Not necessarily a machine... The fried egg would have been an invention. An item like fire though, would not qualify. Nor would water. Anything manipulated by man to create something new... BTW: The lever had to come before the fried egg since the lever, in the form of a spatula, is a necessary tool in the production of the fried egg.

I dissagree. The fried egg was invented and then they needed something to flip it. A spatula was born.

The sunny-side-up fried egg could have been a discovery.

Hehehe... I can just imagine that discovery! "That durned bird almost dropped that thing on my head! Wait! It fell on the hot rock and is startin' to smell real good!" "Hmmm... Wonder if some pig nearby droped some belly fat?"

Someone once told me that the three greatest inventions by man are: the surfboard, the rubber and the bicycle. And yeah, flying's pretty awesome too.

The Altoids tin. Not only is it practical for housing a mint, but when your done, its the gateway for a thousand other inventions.

I would have to say Concrete. Without it modern civilization would have no foundation. No industrial revolution, no Hoover dam, no Las Vegas, no large scale power plants, no potable water or sewage treatment plants, no interstate highways.....the list goes on and on....

. Good one. One of those "Can't see the forest for the trees" deals - concrete is _everywhere_.

He's voicing his opinion. "Hehe", "lol"," lawl", etc. They're all ways of expressing that you found something humorous.

Hmm, is your image Doctor Who's Targis?

Yep! :D Well, it's "Tardis." Close enough. ; )

Damn, I thought it was Targis. I've only seen the series with Rose Tyler, I believe the Doctor's 9th life. Have you seen other series/seasons/lives?

I first saw Who in the new "2005" series. Then, I went back and watched gobs of old Who. :P I'm downloadi- I mean, uhh...purchasing...the latest episode now. >>

Sigh,..no. Pot is a natural plant, so if you're saying it's an invention, then the trees around my house must be too.

He was conveying an idea! The words are just descriptors, of that idea. "Pot" in this case, refers to the many techniques and processes that humans have created in order to get a high off of it. I think you were out of line in calling PyroBoy a dumbshit. And then, you proceed to be snarky, sarcastic, and just generally uncooperative. I need to stop feeding the trolls.

Okay, now I was out of line. I apologize.

No no, it's fine. We all have our days :p

for the perv-playboy mags and petroleum jelly... for the druggie--pot for me--fireworks and tazers

"An invention is an object, process, or technique which displays an element of novelty." - The Almighty Wikipedia

Dude,... you,... well,... um,... Gee, that makes sense. I agree.

The internet =P

Maybe pants, or the chair.

So you're saying that everyone on the internet is an invention? It's kinda hard to even singulize internet as one thing because really it isn't is it? It's millions of nodes, co's, and end users.

It's kinda hard to even singulize internet

I'd expect so. What with there being no such thing as singulization and all. XD

It's millions of nodes, co's, and end users.

Nuh uh! It's a series of tubes! :D

You totally just named the first three things you thought of. :P

I'm thinking your thought process went something like this:

Best invention ever? Well, I'm browsing the internet, sitting here in this nice chair, wearing comfy pants

Chuck Norris, you mean? :P You know, I kind of liked Chuck Norris, but then I found out he was a Scientologist prick. :(

Dude, why are you anti Scientologist, I'm Lutheran and I believe in god and all, but I also have atheist friends. If you want to do something then talk to some people who don't believe in god. Don't try to force them to believe in god just talk about it, ask them why they don't (don't forget to pray for them, my pastor says the people you should pray for the most are your enemies). Besides doesn't god have a plan for everybody?

Interesting. Can you call language an invention? I'd be more inclined to include language in with communication. And, really, I see communication as part of natural interaction. I mean, would you call interaction an invention?