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. iam thinking to make electromagnet but i dont know how to make.tell me wether it works or not? Answered

i am thinking to make a maglev train . but it is tooo expensive to buy magnets .so tell me how to make it with electromagnet?


To wind a coil, check the 2:24 mark on this video:

Supercooled maglev (with permanent magnets)

If the magnet will pick up paper clips then it is working.

How much research have you done this is going to be complicated and fairly costly because of the amount of copper wire you will need either in the track or in th train to lift it.

If the electro magnet is in the train where will it get power from?

I assume you mean a model.

A much cheaper option, easier to make and works much the same is to build a hover craft train and run it in a channel track with wheels on the side to keep the train in the middle of the track (I guess you might be able to do that with magnets as well.)

One of my favourites is the v-channel track with holes in it - and air levitation of a similar v-'car' hovering over it. Great for straight line runs - commonly used in physics classrooms as its near frictionless.

Not good on corners :-) Mind great if you could crack that!!

I reckon that a U channel with wheels running on the sides or even better a magnetic centring system - say fixed magnets along the side every 3 or 4 inches and Ultra sonic distance measurement to the side adjusting the power through an electromagnet should be able to keep the train central.

Whilst the air cushion keeps it floating - The U channel should make the air cushion even more effective.

Should work. and could be very low friction - Hey We might have the next High speed train here!

You are going to need a lot of wire! If you do not know how to build a simple electromagnet by winding a wire around a piece of metal, I think this project of a maglev train will be too much for you. In order for your train to levitate on your tracks you need to have the electromagnets on your train and the electromagnets on your tracks repel each other. Even for a small scale project this is a daunting endeavour.