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£ (pound) sign in the title Answered

I cant get a £ sign in the title of my instructable. it works fine in the main text body of the 'ible but just not in the title!

all i get is a little box with FFFD written in it.

someone said type alt+0163 rather than shift+3 but it didnt do anything. im not clued up on code speak so if answers could be aimed at the layman i am that would be great.

any help?


The £ symbol is £
-but it ain't necessarily going to work there.
The site converts that source to £
-where it does work.


.  In the title of this topic, I'm seeing a capital A with a ?caret? over it and then a 'pounds currency' symbol.
.  C&Pd from the title above:

£ (pound) sign in the title

.  Ah! Thânks. Î try tô kêêp my cârêt în tôp shâpê fôr thê lâdîês.

Pub-quiz mistress pronounced those crud-ites (to our amusement)...


.  Who told?!?!?
.  Probably the same one that put my name on all those ED meds mail-lists.

.  Oh! If you are seeing the A-caret, you may be able to edit the title and delete it. Just a wild guess.

Instructables is a US-American site so it will probably use the standard keyboard/layout for that.  The title parameter may be sensitive to interpreting anything in the extended character range.  You may just need to spell it out.  But don't let that hold you up on getting the instructable out.  Good luck.