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????????????? what is it Answered

found this at a garage sale-what the heck is it ?


I found this at a garage sale-don't know what it is

Check your post. upload an image to your profile then use the add image button in the post field to go to the your library tab and select the image you want to attach to the post/thread.

Added a random image from my library.


That was too easy, a left-handed spark attenuator pencil holder tuned to 3.14 khz. You may need to use that with a 26 ohm resistor and a 1000 picofarad ceramic capacitor for it to work correctly.

you got 14 question marks at a garage sale! hope you got a good deal

It's a complete list of all the politicians in the world who still have honest intentions & no personal agenda.

It's a forum topic posted on the Instructables.com Web site, in the "Square Pegs" category.

looks like 14 question marks

I'll take a stab and guess that it's invisible. Or is it just so white it's blending in with the background of the page? LOL