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1 Console 4 displays Answered

So here's the problem, my friends and I are in college and love our x-box console, but hate the small screen. Not having a big scren, we are trying to find out how to get the one console to have four screens. We all have smaller TV's and there is on medium one in our living room. The game splits up 4 players into equal quaters of the screen. My thought is that the x-box video should go into a laptop and then be split u into 4 displays, with the laptop screen being the a full screen. The laptop in question has 1 S-video, 1 standard monitor output, and 5 USB ports. How do we do this, for cheap? I'm thinking it would maybe work like those walls of TV's that make up 1 big picture.



7 years ago

There is a software that do just that. I would need to find it again. We used it twice. You plug your console(nintendo64 in our case) to a capture card, linked to your computer. using this software, you send a portion of your screen to other laptop. This way, you can have 4 displays.

It would be cheaper and easier to build one of the lcd projectors that have been done here. Those pro-grade image multiplexers and quad displays are expensive.

Unfortunately I know that. I think Microsoft should consider something like this for future consoles. Most of the time there are multiple TV's, and not to mention it would help eliminate screen watching. I can't find a cheap LCD that has a busted backlight, or I would do the projector. Thanks for the tips

From what I know about xbox's, that would be impossible. You cannot split a portion of a laptop to go to somewhere else. It would be easier to get another xbox or another tv :) Maybe I could be wrong.