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1 gallon cans Answered

At my job we through out at least 200 1 gal. cans a week. I have some in the past to make bird feeders,put screws in etc... when my daughter was in 7th grade I used some to make stage lights for the drama club that included 2 sets of 4 lights each mounted on a 8 ft. black pipe stand .She is 18 now and they still use it. I am now starting to fix up my apartment and want to see if anybody has any ideas of what I could make from them,from lights to furniture.
So show me what you got out there.


If we're talking about the rectangular steel ones, why not cover a wall in them?

Cut a large rectangle out of the side of each can, smooth the edges of the cut and then screw through the back of the can to fix it to the wall - the whole wall then becomes shelving for small items.  Install LEDs in some cans and they can be used to display interesting objects (the lit cans could be painted white inside as well).

I remember attaching (nailing)  baby food jar lids to the underside of a shelf.  This would hold up the jar, giving me more storage space for screws, nails etc.

That's a world-wide habit, I think.

Unfortunately, I have never owned a shed at the same time as needing to buy baby-food...

Hey, that's what hoarding is all about  LOL   you save for later endeavors...

Unfortunately they are all round, coffee can size. I would love to make a chair or sofa  from them.

Dureing WW2 prisoners tunnelling out of prison camps used such tins to make air conditioning ducts.

And nowadays if filled with water in a large insulated box, is used for heat storageage

Let's see,  if you own a dingy (row boat),  you could fill one with concrete and use it as an anchor that doesn't snag easily.

Or, the bottom could be removed, and you could use some of them for Air bazookas,  or add some "skin" over the bottom and have your own set of bongo drums.  Let's see.....you could, with the bottoms on, pour a bit of concrete into them, force a form in that will push the concrete up along the sides. and you'd have a fairly well insulated kiln belly.   

Well a coffee table and matching chairs could be a plan...