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1 in a million shots! Answered

so one time, i was practising throwing cards. i lay on the floor tossing cards at the ceiling. One stuck there, embedded in the popcorn texture. Stayed there for weeks. High ceiling.  

Any other examples of a  long shot?



4 years ago

One day I was helping someone remodel their basement. We were sheetrocking all the walls and heard fire engine sirens outside. Since the fire department station house was down the street, it was routine until we heard the doorbell ring and it was the firefighters in full gear asking where the fire was. Apparently one of the drywall screws(I think we had sunk 10lbs of drywall screws already) had penetrated one of the automatic house alarm wires and triggered off an alert at the remote monitoring service. We had to search where all the wires were hidden and run in the walls to figure out which screws to remove. I guess we were lucky they didn't give out a fine for nuisance alarms. It must have been a slow day.


Reply 4 years ago

not sure of the percentage that actually hit the studs...