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1 month pro membership? Answered

Hello All!

I am interested in finding out how I can purchase one month of service to try out the site?
I have been searching for a bed frame design and found a really nice one on here!  The only problem is I can not download the PDF without being a Pro member.

Is there any way I can do a "trial" membership and pay a one time month fee and test if I would use it for more than the one project?
I really like the bed and would like to try the site for a month to see if i use it for any other plans/projects/ideas.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!


just sent you a 3 month membership :)

this might sound dumb but im not seeing sny where to enter a Pro code. When i click get membership i only have payment options and no blank space to enter the code?

The code should work. I'm not sure how it is redeemed. Search the forums or contact the site admins.

Wow thanks guys i cant wait to get to building!!