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1 more day! Answered

only one more day before the 2 year anniversary of knex on instructables!!!! i have a special present for knex so make sure to see it tomorrow!


2 year anniversary? Is that when like the first knex thing was posted? What was the first gun posted by the way? Hmm whatever I'll just wait.

the first knex gun was posted exactly 2 years ago tomorrow.

What do you know. So did (your name here) pretty much find the whole idea of knex weapons and pretty much everyone copied off him or was he just the first to post a knex gun here...and then everyone copied that idea? Well looking back on the very first guns I'm surprised what technology we had back then. Lol I remember (even though I wasn't around I think I came right after a good turning point in knex tech.) when the thought of a bottom loading gun was just awesome and that it would be the greatest thing in the world if we had preloaded clips. Well I guess that is still young technology right now but yeah.

company also made one gun i found out, you can look at DSman's side show, look for my comment and you can see a picture of it

hmm strang. I thought knex never wanted to be associated with knex weapons let alone TM their own. You'd think they would use some sort of catapult idea but I suppose the firing pin idea comes to everyone without needing to see someone elses. I still wonder who was the exact first person to think of making a knex weapon that shot with a trigger and everything like that.

the fireing pin idea did not come to me (and i had this book for a long time... I'm that stupid when it comes to inventing something, i need a thingy to build on top of.)

Yeah I know what you mean. I'm a far lot better at modding someone elses gun to making it a lot better but I'd rather make my own awesome guns. Problem is I can't think of very manny innovative knex mechs. Any ideas I do get I can't replicate in pieces. I'm not much of a planner. I kinda like to make it up as I go with a basic image in mind. Even when I do plan stuff out I usually change it as I go to make it work better.

A lot of people have been making guns before Instructables ever existed.

Yeah true I'm not sure why I thought that. I'm trying to find the earliest post gun on youtube but for some reason I get to one point and then it sends me back to the first page for some strange reason. The latest time I found was "added 1 year ago" but there were alot more pages left.

Yeah, I tried doing the same thing a while back, and that happened to me as well.

woo hoo! Happy 2nd anniversery uh...(your name here)'s knex cannon. I wonder just how long knex gun making will last until it dies. Probably not too long after knex themselves stop. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon. I mean megablocks were made some time ago and they're still around. Knex will be invinceable! They'll last like...er...pokemon! Coming back with a new generation again and again with new features!

wow I remember way back when I was making a sweet rbg with wooden rulers when i was bored and decided to look on google for ideas and came across a knex rbg. after searching for knex guns I came across instructables and i joined shortly thereafter. Wow i can't believe I've been on here for over like a year and a half...I remember when there was like 3 or 4 pages of guns tops hahaha so whens the surprise gonna be here...because today is the day haha

its posted. its a slide show of all the great knex guns posted on instructables(in order from oldest). i have been making guns for about a year.