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1 watt Frequency Doubled Violet Laser Answered

I want to make a 1 watt violet laser, by using a 1 watt 808 nm laser and channeling the laser through a KTP crystal. Judging from my humble knowledge of second harmonic generation, That should create a 1 watt violet laser beam. Correct?



7 years ago

K thanks! Th people in MENSA weren't even this much help!

Steve's right. Most down-conversion crystals are much, much less than 100% efficient. Even 10% is probably more in the realm of magic, not physics. You need to do a more than a bit of engineering research (Wikipedia's a start, but you'll want to move to Google Scholar pretty quickly) to learn the existing prior art before coming up with something on your own.

Efficiency ? 1W in <> 1W out. I reckon you'll be pushing it to get 10% conversion efficiency.