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1 year free Pro Membership: No Idea where it came from Answered

I was checking my pro membership today because it expires in a few weeks and I noticed I had a 1 year pro membership code in my account. Now the weird thing is I received no PM about it or anything. I had previously gotten a 3mo membership from having a featured instructable. I received a PM when that one appeared statin that because my instructable was featured I had received a free 3 mo membership. With this one, there is no PM of any sort. Its not from winning a contest because i haven't won any cosntests (i checked all 4 that I have entered). It just appeared there. If it was an anonymous gift from someone I would still think I would get a PM. Now I'm not complaining, I just was totally surprised by it being there and was wondering where it came from.



Check the email address you gave when you signed on - if your project gets featured to the front page, you earn a year of pro, and you get told by email instead of PM.

You are correct. I found it burried in the spam folder. Turns out my Masala Chai recipe made it to the front page at some point. I never knew that HAHA! Thanks a bunch of the clarification!

ya the same thing happened to me! i was completely surprised that was great to see thanks a bunch!

hmmm...no answer. Oh well.