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1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first! I'm trying to remember the name of an old 80's or 90's toy. Answered

Okay everyone, I have been trying to remember what these toys were called for the last couple of years.  They were in the 80's or 90's and could change from a vehicle into a base/battle station.

I know I had a few of them.  The two that I remember are a tank that changed into a large base and a three-wheeled vehicle that changed into a gun turret thing (if memory serves me correctly).

There was normally a switch or button to press and you would hear a loud gear/spring noise when they changed.  I know it was not a Transformer or GI Joe toy.

They had small scaled human figures that were tan in color and a little larger than the figures that came with Technozoids (if anyone remembers those).  The figures were in the same "seated position" (for lack of a better way to describe it) as the Technozoid ones.

As I said in the title, there will be a 1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner!

Thank you so much for not only answering the question, but providing examples too.

You're very welcome. You posed a rather tough question, but I love a challenge. :D


It is the same concept, but I don't think that is it either.

shoot well i can think of a few more STARRIORS OR CONVERTERS if thats not it then i'll be back LOL OCD

I have to admit, I would have loved some Starriors. I don't think I had seen those before. The Converters looked interesting too. I hope I figure this out soon, because I would like to see if anyone has them on Ebay.

That is very similar. Do you know if they had any in more realistic designs? (Like military-styled tanks and stuff)

i never had any myself as they were a little before my time. but i have seen them around and i think they were mostly cartoon-ish but i think they did have a few realistic ones like a fighter plane

Micro Machines? :D I had this one:

It is a similar idea, but it was at a different toy. I wish I had more information to give out, but I know it was not Micro Machines because I had those too.

Thanks for the link, but sadly this didn't seem to lead to an answer either. I did find a few cool sites though.

Mighty Max
Computer Warriors