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10 Day Design Challenge Answered

Ponoko, a design platform, is sponsoring a summer design challenge for those interested in jewelry making. Starting July 1, you have 10 days to submit your design to the contest. The payoff: $1000, free advertising, and some free products.




10 years ago

I wouldn't exactly call Ponoko a "jewelry company" though. They're a custom laser cutting company, where you can upload your own designs, and have it cut on a range of different materials, including various types of plastics and woods. It's just that, given the shipping and materials costs, jewelry seems to one of the more lucrative applications.. But they also do wooden boxes, furniture, etc.


good call--thanks for catching that.

That would be so cool to win! I think I might enter, just have to figure out what to do for it....

ALL RIGHT! Finally, a contest for me! Yay!