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10 Hints you were at a GEEK New Year's Eve party.... Answered

11. Champagne chilled with liquid nitrogen.
10. Party games include D & D and Will It Blend?
9. Countdown clock had 12 significant digits after the decimal.
8. The ice bucket was in the shape of Bender's head.
7. Started 24 hours early to allow time for hacking giant TVs in Times Square.
6. Nonstop argument over whether leap second was really needed.
5. Instead of champagne, toast was done with apple cider in Futurama wine glasses.
4. Instead of party hats, everyone had a blinking RFID tag.
3. Mac people and PC people had separate rooms at party.
2. MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton rang in the New Year with a live performance of "IC's of Yore."
1. Everyone was too busy watching the Battlestar Galactica marathon and missed the ball drop.

Adapted from: BBspot

Pictured is the dart game that might have been there....


Clock accurate to 12 sif-fig's after the decimal? If the time is in binary or some other non-base-ten system, then it really is a geek party.
All together now!
00001010 !
00001001 !
00001000 !
00000111 !
00000110 !
00000101 !
00000100 !
00000011 !
00000010 !
00000001 !
00000000 !!!!!

Running your computer's time pieces directly off the atomic clock works >:-D

I wish I had an atomic clock. Then nobody could argue about my clock being wrong ever again!

Hehe.... What about watching Stargate all night?

Ah yes, just as there are rooms for MACs and PC users, there will be also for Stargate/Atlantis and Battle Star watchers.... ;-)

Excellent, not that the BSG peeple and SG fans dont get along but the mac folks should go show the pc users what a computer should be like....

If a Mac is what a computer should be like, then I for one am a Luddite.

You can't be a Luddite. You're using a computer right now, and all of your I'bles-related discissions are technology-related. All your statement shows is that you've taken one of the possible absurdly extreme positions in a religious discussion.

i have noticed a trend at office partys worth mentionning: the engineers will arrive exactly when it starts, or never. the engineers will scowl with disbeleif if the bartender is not set up in time for the venu the accounts will arrive fashionably late the engineers will wonder why anyone would be late

We have a saying around my workplace: "There comes a time in every project, when you must shoot the engineer, and actually get something accomplished!"

engineers can be identified by the multimeter attached to their belts :-)

Nah, you'll see a leatherman first. Multimeters are too bulky.

Ah, well then, to be with the IN crowd, I guess I have to shed my MMVOM and get a Leatherman :-)

i dont carry my multimeter around.... but then agian, its got too many functions to be small and porable. i have a carrying case for my battery soldering iron though.... do i still qualify

Of course you do.....so which of the 4 rooms would you like LOL (there is also a discussion group on the subject of whether a plasma arc can be made to the proper frequency to open a worm hole ;-)


9 years ago

We sorta regularly almost miss the ball drop; someone has to stop playing games early and get the champagne and sparkling cider ready. (I think the big hit this year was "zombie flux." IMO, flux is significantly improved by having a theme... Monty Python flux was pretty good too, Eco-flux not so much.)

Did your Zombie Fluxx have the Flame-Thrower Expansion Pack? :-)

I watched In the Name of the King and then played Guitar Hero after Dick Clark freaked us all out by making out on national television.

I win.

6a Arguments about which calendar we should be using.

6B Arguments over which contrys atomic clock is the most accurate 6C why dont we have an atomic clock/time temple? 6d is atomic 17 or atomic 47 a better ign?

6c. It hasn't been found in Egypt yet.....

I rather like the Julian calendar myself :-) he Julian date for CE 2009 January 9 00:00:00.0 UT is JD 2454840.50000

Eh, it is along the same lines really, based on a different standard though...;-)

geek party : the unix atomic clock that decays since 1/1/1970

I had forgotten all about Will It Blend until now... Time to go watch the guy chop up glowsticks and whatnot :D

Well, there was a show that was going to prove interesting, called "What Happens if I...." but they never made it through the first episode LOL