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Ten year old boy builds a snow machine! Answered

"WEST LINN, Ore. - Talk about ingenuity - a 10-year-old boy built his own snow machine and filled his backyard with enough snow to make it look like a blizzard had blown through."


3 feet of snow in one night!


simple, grab a pressure washer and leave it on in the cold. it's not cold enough here or i would =[

i've tried that, just makes an ice layer good for a base to build up real snow on. need to mix the high pressure water with compressed air at a certian ratio and pressure.

please post the results on how that worked out

He didn't actually build that himself from scratch. He could have gotten free plans online from various websites that offer them or bought a snow making kit form www.snowstormsnowmaking.com or www.snowathome.com


10 years ago

Go kiddy!!

At the most, you'll get a pile of ice; at the least, you'll get a puddle that freezes over night.

Awww, he looks so excited! I hope my kids turn out like this. :P

Forest said the machine wasn't cheap. He had to save his allowance to pay for $500 in supplies, but he said it was all worth it. how long would he have to save for!?!

He probably didn't have to save for very long, median income in West Lynn is 75 K versus 42 K for the rest of oregon.

Why don't you try that out next time it's below freezing, and see just how well it works.

That's what I figured it was..but you'll need a powerful spray, and the right kind of mist for it to actually be snow like.

Insane! But $500... I wish I could have that. :P Wow, that kid is crazy! (In a cool way).

Wow cool someone should post an instructable on how to do that LOL Hmmmmm......