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10 bit to 7 segments Answered

Hi everyone!!

I'm posting because i need help! I want to make a 10 bit to 7 segments schematic/circuit.

I need to just convert 10 bit binary to decimal.. In my idea i have 10 switches and every one of them represents a number in decimal.
for example when i put ON my first switch from the right i want that in the 7 segments appears the number "1" and for example when i switch ON the last switch from the left it appears "512" and if all of them are ON appears 1023.

So i have 10 ON/OFF switch and 4 (7 segment) display.

I have a PIC programmer, so if anyone can help by hardware or software it would be great.

Thank you very much!!!


Thank you very much for the reply but i don´t understand most of it!
I'm not very friendly with programming if anyone can help me i would appreciate it!
I have a Pic programmer that supports PICs, 8p, 14p, 18p and 24p my kit is a PIC PROGRAMMER & EXPERIMENT BOARD from VELLEMAN, its the kit K8048.

I never programmed with this kit and I only know a little bit c++.
I hope anyone can teach me on the programming.

You could start out with programming 8 bit binary to decimal first. It seems that what the kit is designed to do.

The problem is that i don't know how to do that. I never worked with PICs.. sorry

Do you know what binary numbers are? Have you read the examples they provide with your kit? Is it hooked up to the computer?

I know what binary numbers are. The examples i didn't read them because i don't have them. This was a gift from a friend and i only have the board. Nothing more.

I have searched found a way to do it and i understand the concept but i don't know how to make it... The solution is the algorithm double dabble. http://www.microchip.com/forums/tm.aspx?high=&m=439637&mpage=1#439669
But i don´t know how to put this in the Pic and after that i don't know how to connect the 5 7segments to the Pic