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10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST! Answered

UPDATE: 10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST!

We (Adafruit industries) are tying an experiment with Instructables. If you're a pro member (you are if you're reading this) we are offering 10% off our 6 kits/projects that are featured here on Instructables.

Here are the kits and below, how to get 10% off (just enter INST10 on checkout at adafruit.com)

Data logger:

Tweet-a-watt - How to make a twittering power meter...

TV-B-Gone Kit

Proto Shield

XBee adapter


All you need to do is enter the code (INST10) on checkout at Adafruit - this code can be used once per pro member.

If this works out well for pro members and for Adafruit we'll do more with more kits!

if you have any questions post them up here and/or email support@adafruit.com


Is there another one ?

There doesn't seem to be any updated discounts for 2015 on instructables. - this thread is several years old. If you watch the Adafruit webcasts on Wed and Thurs (Wearable Wed with Becky Stern, Ask an Engineer and 3d Thurdays with Noe and Pedro Ruiz) they announce a 10% discount code good for that day and apply it to most everything in the shop. Check the adafruit site for times. Good luck.

Well, I sure do hope you guys [and Lady] do this again, and if user opinion means anything, I'd like to see more Arduino shields and sensors make the list. I actually just bought an Ethernet Shield and a Music and Sound pack from you guys. I really like your kits too (A minty-boost kit kept my MP3 player alive while I was deployed in the military a few years back)!

Is there a deadline/expiration on this?

Oh drat....I wasn't able to save up fast enough....*sigh*

So... is it over now? I'm still seeing the ad.

I think imma gonna buy the drawdio!

Great idea, Limor! Heading your way now.

the icetube isn't one in the list above - but maybe one day we can if this experiment works out

That's what I get for getting excited and not reading the whole thing. :(

Right now, I don't think I could go in for anything priceyer then the TV-B-Gone kit.


8 years ago

Sweet! I was going to buy a drawdio a few weeks a go, but decided against it. I guess good things come to people who wait!