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1000 Comments + Most Instructables? Answered

I was just cruzing around and i went on to my profile and looked at stats and saw i had 1057 comments, i was quite surprised it was that many, although i know this isnt vary much compared to the big wigs.....

Anyway does anybody know who has published the most instructables?


from my persona: Instructables: 15 Forum Topics: 79 Comments: 3,503 Favorites: 111 Groups: 70 Orangeboard: 914 Subscribers: 18

Instructables: 24 WIN Comments: 2,355 WIN Orangeboard: 90 WIN Subscribers: 29 WIN WIN WIN

Oh really? Instructables: 32 Comments: 4,604 Orangeboard: 160 Forums: 63 Subscribers: 121 (Holy... Why do I have soo many subscribers?!?!?!) I think I am going a little too far ahead of many users....

Not fair ! you are allways at home so you have more time !

Yes, I know, a lot of people are jealous at me for many reasons... :-(

One is your great Instructables.

well im beating you in the ibles : subscribers ratio im 1:4

you beat me in instructables and subscribers.

Annoying the community: Priceless.

or at least want to annoy. it comes without any effort on my part.


9 years ago

Instructables: 7 Forum Topics: 23 Comments: 2,831 Favorites: 14 Groups: 29 Orangeboard: 29 Subscribers: 4 Not that good...

Tim Anderson has the most 'ibles, with over 150, I believe...

From my persona: Instructables: 13 Forum Topics: 51 Comments: 2,526 Favorites: 29 Groups: 55 Orangeboard: 88 I think Tim Anderson or Trebuchet03 have the most ibles...

Instructables: 14

Forum Topics: 15

Comments: 2,027

Favorites: 32

Groups: 7

Orangeboard: 88

Golly gee! We have the same Orangeboard stats! :O

HA! I have recieved more orangeboard comments in less than a month than you did in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!

Because you came back from lamez. It will die down.

Because you were originally coolz. Then you came back after making a big deal about your leaving. That's why you have more orangeboard comments, is because everyone is interested in you coming back. That and the fact that both Labot, I, and many other 'iblers clean up our orangeboard from when people spammed it with useless things, like coolz did before.

Tell me about it! (not literally, it's a figure of speech!)

I deleted a ton of comments, from my orangeboard, 5 minutes later, almost half of the number of comments I deleted came back.

Coolz spammed my orangeboard like crazy, not a big deal, just that I didn't notice other comments!!!

sorry bout that... I'm missing 30 comments from my board. they were not removed by the poster

They are probably deleted by the owner of the comments..

I know. Coolz spammed my orangeboard and it was really annoying.

well, I wanted everyone to think I was gone, so i did that, look skate, I did that to stop the fighting, and i don't wanna start again yeah I do that, but not after i leave a no spam message

I know why you did it, I'm just explaining to you why your orangeboard has more comments than labot's. Trust me, Labot is still more popular.

Why do you feel that that is something to boast about?

Instructables: 5 Forum Topics: 80 Comments: 3,009 Favorites: 11 Groups: 18 Orangeboard: 268 My stats seem rather unbalanced. While I have few Ibles, I make up for it by talking-er....writing a lot. Who says I'm compensating?


For some reason, I have 121 subscribers??

Also, I'm working on making more ibles! I already had two projects ready to be made into instructables. One catastrophically failed, and the other one is ready. I'm making a fog machine right now. Plus I have a perfectly good ible ready for publishing. This is gonna be a good year.

Instructables: 12

Forum Topics: 32

Comments: 2,801

Favorites: 1

Groups: 9

Orangeboard: 120

I beat you on everything but Favorites and Instructables.
But I don't favorite things ever.

ooh i am sooooooo close 2 beating you in orangeboard. i also beat u in groups

That's because I rarely join groups and almost never favorite things.

Wowee we do... We should keep it that way!