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1000 Instructables enterd!!! Answered

The book contest has the most entered Instructables in the history of the site, over 1000 Instructables!!! Now that is something to comment and talk about!


You spelled Entered wrong. you enterd.

yea, well English is not my native language.

American English, since it changes so frequently isn't ANYONE'S native language LOL

.......................lo. wht evr....... :D

seriously( if thats even spelled right)....English is one of the hardest to learn languages....

When will the winners be anounced?

2000, whooooooooooooooooooooooo

I hope they put names in it.


Reply 9 years ago

It was 1650 when I posted that.


10 years ago

1500 entered!=

well... 1499

Umm, do you mean 1646?

Now 1500

It's slightly unfair though that the "Recent Entries", are not the most recent entries to the contest, but the most recently created 'ibles that have been entered into the contest. It kind of leaves older 'ibles out of the running... not too many people want to scroll through all (currently) 1200 entries. So, unless you have been featured and show up relatively high in the "most views", or are a new instructable and show up in the "Recent Entries", you're out of luck (Unless you've got a lot of friends to vote for you, which could be the whole point).

We've tried to address this with the contest header that encourages people to move between Instructables within a contest. Also, older Instructables will typically have more inbound links from other websites, so it's probably about equal in the end.

I hope so, after perusing through all of the entries, there are some really cool ones toward the back with absolutely no votes.

Post a forum topic with your picks of older Instructables that aren't getting the attention they deserve.

Good plan... I will go back through all of them tonight.

Will it just be the decision of the voters or will the judges play a part in this contest???

It's interesting to look at the most viewed and the most voted, it becomes obvious which instructables are really great and which have been around a long time, especially with things like the throwies which have made their way to the top of the votes as well... Looking at it I'd say that the end of contest list will also give us a great set of exemplary instructables to help attract people and have some sort of best of instructables page, just links, to mirror the book list online...

yea, I totally agree, that is why I am making a new instructables so i can enter it, it has a better chance of winning.

1520 instructables entered so far!!!

This is kinda getting out of hand...


10 years ago

1200 entered


10 years ago

really its only like 1/14th of the projects have been entered so far and i will be surprised if we come close to 5000. most people who make a poor instructable know it so they are not going to enter it {and there are really no bad ones ,some are just small some may be repetitive} i have a couple myself that aren`t worth the trouble to enter cause they have no chance i expect some of the early contributers have moved on in interests and maybe wont bother. some of the most unlikely things have been popular here { i was really amazed at how far the throwie idea went :} } so you never know whats going to be popular. so if the contest beaks 5000 you all can call me idiot for my prediction

actually most people who make a poor instructable know it but they enter it anyway, along with everything else the have made :(