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1,000,000 Answered

on 9-1-08 I saw Jessica Robinson Make history. She was the Very ist person in Deal or No Deal's history to win 1,000,000$ That is a lot of money



9 years ago


So it is really possible! It's a setup!

because he said skillz, and whenever that happens, i post the pic

Imagine if you when into a bank and asked "Can I convert this to pennies?"

Wow! Someone finally won off that show.

I can't stand that show. People talk of having a "system" or that because the last one was a low amount, the next one must be high. Seriously, you're picking a random box, the boxes don't know what was in the box before and the boxes can't change amounts. DO SOME MATHS PEOPLE!

Well, there is a system to dealing with the banker. But I totally agree on the boxes, they're all random.

what i can't stand is how it takes people 5 minutes to pick a case. it's all random, and no amount of thinking will get you to chose the right cases.

Though with a larger number of boxes the odds could be figured similarly to averaging blackjack games...

Then it's the people you can't stand. I think it's one of the best game shows ever - no higher level thinking required!

The people make the show. In this country, it's different. Instead of models opening briefcases, it's random people who eventually become contestants opening the boxes and offering "encouragement".

What?!? deal or no Deal with no models?!?!? Who the heck watches it then.....

What the bloody heck!?!?! 1,000,000 on a single thin, small piece of paper!?!?

lol, my friend just texted me that, is she the pregnant lady?

"Oh honey, after it's confirmed, lets win a million $ instead of preparing!"