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110v to 12vdc conversion Answered

Ok so long story short i want to make a serious home theater system. i have all the amps and speakers, but they are from a car. so i will need to run them from 12ish volts from my home outlets. so i cam wondering what kind of adaptor i should be making or using. i see pre-made ones that have an output of 12v with their amps ranging from 3-15 and watts from 3 to 300. i am no electrician and have little electrical experience, so i am wondering if i should go with more or less amps and watts, i dont need to fry anything as the amp and speakers i have are expensive! THANKS!


Just a thought... would an computer power supply work ? You could use the 12 volt DC rail for your source. and most older ones are easily found in recycle depots with 350 watts or higher for free. Google it and see if it might be a viable option.

When you see your electric bill, you may want to have opted for something a bit more green.

You should be able to use a wall wart that you buy at radio shack or equivalent. Buy a 12V and as mpilchfamily mentioned: don't worry about frying with 'too much amperage'.

Got with the highest amp rating you can get. The systems will pull what they need and car amps need allot of power.