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12-21-2012.............? Answered

From predictions to prophecy to hype, everybody has an answer.  What is yours?



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Thanks for the post, that is great!

BULLS*** 2012. How ever.. I do believe the solar maximum will occur. Knocking out TV, internet, phone, and electricity (In certain areas), Other than that F*** you Mayans.


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Well, that would have been _my_ choice for best answer.


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If it does end, what can you do?  I'm not sure I'd even want to be around after the world has ended.  It seems like it'd be a pretty miserable place.

Oh there really isn't a significance to it, it is basically the same thing as going from 1999 to 2000 the clock doesn't run out it just changes over.

The world will end for my best friend sometime this year.  Too soon and too young for my liking.  But life is a terminal condition for all of us whether we think about it or not.   I think Wayne and Garth may of had it right-  "Party on!" I'm just going to celebrate the joy of life with all it's pain and laughs until my clock or the world's clock runs out.
When the world ends won't matter a wit if you are struck down tomorrow.

There is no significance to the date other than the simple fact that it's the Winter Solstice, which is a very common start/end point for calendars throughout history and across many cultures. The idea that the world is going to end on that date because one ancient culture's calendar stops there is as ludicrous as the idea that the world will end on 12-31-10 because that's when my Far Side desk calendar runs out of pages. For most comprehensive analysis this idiocy deserves, please see Steve's prior comment.

  Yes, it seems that every decade or so there is a planetary gloom-and-doom scenario.   I think NASA had a funny answer, "It's another Y2K glitch."

You got the best answer for sure...............I say that cause' I love far side :)                 (and Dilbert)

 I say just don't worry about the world coming to an end or any of that stuff, just live your life and be happy....

  Worry....Oh heavens no.  If it is happen, I can have a party that no one needs to drive home from!