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12 Volt Gas Generator Answered

I am looking to building a 12 volt generator from an alternator. I want it to have a car battery (or a deep cycle battery if it's easy to integrate) for quiet operation. I want the output to equal that of a 12V car plug socket so I can easily invert it to 110 volt AC. the engine will need to be small as possible without stalling on high demand. I guess it would have to have the same circuitry of a cars main power circuit. So, can someone give me a few tips on making this? And most importantly, a schematic. I can't seem to find a basic car circuit.


Do what I did and use a one wire alternator. All that is required is one wire to the battery and ground to the alternator frame. Just bare in mind that alternators are not battery chargers and will put out full current trying to charge a dead battery. The result will be burning out the windings in the alternator. They are battery maintainers. meaning they are ment to be run as long as you have a drain on your battery. The good part is that if you don't require a lot of current you can idle down your motor, thus reducing the noise level.
Good Luck

Ok, I know all the needed wiring. The only problems I have are finding an engine, 12v sealed led acid battery, a light weight alternator w/ a built-in regulator, and a few things to mount them. Which brings me to the other problem, I need a way to mount all of these things to something. I don’t really want to use wood and I can’t weld. So I need some tips and ideas on where to find parts and how to mount everything.

I was just watching that new show on the discovery channel called The Colony. And I saw that they made something exactly like this. A pressure washer with 2 salvaged alternators and lots of 12volt car batteries, I also say some converter stuff there too. There generator can run power tools (circular saws, reciprocating says, angle grinders, drills, ex.) although I just need 100w out of mine.

Well, I was thinking of using an old pressure cleaner since it is already fairly portable. but for the inverter I was going to use 2 Black & Decker, 100 watt inverters, (Or maybe a single 750 watt) but I already have a few of them. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but 100 watts is all I need. And how can I get it really quiet like one of the little Honda generators. Is it the muffler?

It's probably in the muffler yes (no ready answers). Down to 100 watts you might manage with a smaller engine - weed-whacker? L

ya, i guess 5 hp is a bit high... but the mane thing i want to know is the circuitry

If you look at a car (under hood) you'll find the generator connected to the battery terminals either directly, or with the ground/earth/-ve through the chassis - that's easy. Wiring the inverter should be as straightforward, but you might want to install a switch or two. If I can find a good example I'll comment back L

You want a gasoline-fueled generator with battery storage?
These things you can buy, but if you want to make one, a small 2-stroke is what you need. A lawn-mower engine, small scooter / moped engine.
You'll need to find an inverter to supply the 110V
Look for these parts and tell us what you can find?