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12 or 20 ton bottle jack for home made cider press (please)? Answered

I'm making a homemade cider apple press with a pommace bucket of 30cm diameter and 30cm deep. I'm wondering if a 12ton or 20ton bottle jack would be best to squeeze all that lovely juice out? (Forget the frame construction as I can change that to suit ;-)

The reason for the query is that the 12ton bottle jack is only 8kg but the 20ton jack is 14kg - a difference serious enough for me to consider downgrading.

Do you have a bottle jack press or knowledge of them? Do you think 12 or 20 tons is better for the size bucket I've said (30cm dia x 30cm high)?

Thank you very much for reading me.


Try it. Yes, you might get more juice out of a higher pressure, but you're entering the region of diminishing returns I suspect - your construction will have to be a lot heavier duty too. Traditional forms, with screwjacks never seem to complain about low yield, adding several tons more squish may not be worth the effort.


You are among the few people here who always makes me see stuff I had either forgotten about entirely or didn't know. A Major Thank You to You, Sir. Genuinely.

The idea of not chasing diminishing returns is important to me. I'll go with the 12ton bottle jack as lifting 14kg a few dozen times really does not appeal.

Thank you again - and also for such a quick reply.

Well, to be honest, I know very little about the process, but it seems to me that either have far more available compressive force than the few old-fashioned (hand powered screw) cider presses I've seen over the years out in the country at the couple farms I've spent time at. My gut says go for the 12 ton press, but please, take my advice with a sizeable grain of salt.

fwiw, here's a link to someone here at ibles who used a car jack


Hey seandogue!

I hope you're good, my friend! ;-)

Yes, I saw that 'ible - thanks for the link all the same - I super-appreciate it.

I wish I could send you a sample! lol! (I will if I can!)

I also especially appreciate your thoughts on this matter and it is with a great deal of relief that you plumped for the 12-tonner, too! I'll be dreaming about making cider now!

Keep well, my good man. ;-)

Hey kev. You are one busy guy. :-) wish I had your energy. Best wishes with your cider mill. I'll think of you the next time I buy a 6-pack of the "canned junk" (apple flavored beer by any other name afaik). Been a long time since I've had real hard cider.

I hope you're doing well.

THat's cause Steve's a PRO in all respects.