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12 v DC 3watt led project Answered

Hello all,

I am looking into an led project for my car.
It involvs using 3w led's and I have no idea on how to "drive" these for 12v dc.
I have looked into led driver's but they are a bit expensive in my opinion so I hope some of you electronic "guru's"
can assist me.
The specs are:
3w yellow led,  forward voltage: 2.9-3.3v,   forward current:  750 mA.
I have a very slight electronic knowledge background (novice at best).
I don't need a heatsink (don't think), as I will have 8 sections with 2 led's per section wired in series and they will be
mounted to an aluminum bar.
The led's will be connect to a chaser light controller circuit.
I just need to know what kind of resistors I need (and/or anything else).
The best way to describe my project is I am making a knight rider light for the front of my car.
I had posted on an electronics forum and got a suggestion to do this. The only problem is it didn't work.


3w yellow led, forward voltage: 2.9-3.3v, forward current: 750 mA.
luxeom star led's I believe


5 years ago

Can you can give me some more information like how many LED's are and which type of they are.

Best place for technical answers is here in the community: answers section.