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120 GB Xbox 360 Drive, but no high-speed internet. What to do with it? Answered

I got an Xbox 360 Elite for Christmas. It comes with a big-ass 120 GB hard drive, and it already has some demos and videos that came with it, but you can't copy music, videos, etc. onto the drive from USB devices, and I don't have high-speed internet, so I can't download anything onto it. What can I put on it from local sources, then? I mean actually putting stuff onto it, not streaming stuff from my PC.


I think you can whack a network crossover cable between your 360 and your PC and copy all your music etc.. to your hard drive and listen to it via the Dashboard or using the Middle Button when you're playing a game...

No, you just stream it. I need a way to actually copy it.

In that case your only option is to use a load of discs and rip the data off it.

There is a way to copy songs from an ipod onto a 360... don't remember how though.

I remember from the original xbox, you could add music to it by burning a CD..try that?

Yeah, but I was hoping there was a way to transfer files to it from a flash drive or something. You know, get my whole library on it. I only have about 4 GBs of music.

I don't really have any experience with 360's, but if you burn the CD as a date disk, it should be able to hold a lot more music. Good luck!

The only way you can get it is by ripping it, you can't just copy files because that would be the same as copying from the thumb drive.

I have 20 gb's of music if you want it lol