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123D Jewelry Contest missing Answered

The 123D  jewelry contest has been missing from the contest page for 2 days. I can still access the page if I use the link on my "you page" where my entry is listed.  The judging was supposed to be over on the 17th (after it was changed from the 15th). When the judging started, I saw that one of my ibles was a finalist, but did not receive an email from Jessyratfink alerting me to this as I have with several other recent contests. My finalist entry has an award icon on it and it has not won any other contests. 

All of these things are odd, and I was just wondering...What's up with the jewelry contest?


Closing out contests takes some time, especially when a few close around the same time. We haven't forgotten, just hold on a little longer!

Thanks for the reassurance! I don't mean to be impatient. It just seems especially strange that the jewelry contest has disapeared off of the contest page entirely.

All the others contest from craftman and 123D have their results but still nothing for the 3D Printing ?

And the contest statut just switch from "Winners will be announced soon" to "Contest is being judged"....

Something wrong ?
I can't wait more !

Hi, I don't know when the winners will be announced either (I asked an admin on Thursday and he said " the contest page should be updated today or first thing tomorrow morning"), I have no idea what has happened. I am dying to find out the results (especially from the toy contest), my whole family keeps on reloading the site (writing me things at 1:30 am like:"still no results :-(, I need to go to bed now." ).

An ible always gets the award icon, when it is a finalist.

TIL finalists get award icons, not just winners. Thanks!

same with the 3d printing contest, the winners were supposed to be announced yesterday.