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123d App Answered

Just a question if anyone can help. I've downloaded the 123dapp program to my pc for the 123dapp challenge but it keeps closing out/shutting down when I try to do anything with the prim. I've already searched this topic on Autodesk site and found an older thread about it but no fix. Is there a fix for this to stop this from happening? I've also unistalled and reinstalled the program and it's still behaving the same way.


Hate to ask, but did you reboot? If it is windows, you may also be running into a 16 bit/32 bit problem. Double check to make sure your OS version is supported. It could also conceivably be a incompatible video card. Check for viruses and run a hard drive check.

Sorry for the list of things to check, but could be caused by a rather large number of things.

Yes I did reboot at multiple times and still noting :(. Today is the first time since I posted and was trying to get 123app to work. My system meets all of the requirements and it seems that even without usage it has gotten worse and automatically force closes when I click on anything. I'm still awaiting support response from the site :(

Like oldmicah said - I'd check in on the 16/32 bit issues, and also the videocard one.

If neither of those work, I really recommend the 123D web app - you can use it in your browser after downloading a plugin. :)

Ditto on both. The biggest difference b/w the web and desktop versions is the ability to sketch in desktop. The web version is pretty robust, and usually gets the most updates. Let us know if you still have trouble.