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12V in, Multiple output voltages - how to? Answered

Hey guys, BRAND SPANKIN' new here, didn't even know there was a forum until yesterday.

Ok I made a instructable yesterday but it was theory and was told to post it here instead, so, yeah tah dah. amazing.

What I want to do is to hook up a 12V deepcycle battery through an array of 4-5 different car adapter chargers (plug into cigarette lighters) and have variable outputs.

A +/-12V in, and a 4.5, 6, 9 ,11, 12, etc (the most common) outputs wired to two outputs; a male usb/mini usb and a male plug (Protected of course).

I can do that, thats just a little bit of soldering in series, but the tricky part for me is I wanted to make a switch to be able to cycle through each! How can I get a switch to cycle through 4-6 different states? I've taken some logic design, and I could probably make one using digital logic, but that is messy and requires an alternate 5V source as well.

You guys have any easy ideas, or any common items that have a 6 way switch? or even how to use logic to get ONE switch to cycle through 6 states?? Thanks d00ds!



8 years ago

If you search for "SWITCH 1 POLE 12 POS ROTARY" you'll get enough results for what you might be able to use. I'm not going to drop links in because I wouldn't know where's best for you to shop.
For common items - stereo systems have switches, you might find what you want in one of them?



8 years ago

you want something called a "rotary switch"