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12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? Answered

i want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible


1N4007 is good for 1 amp 1000 volts.

It will work but it will give you a ripple voltage a little more than 12 volts.

You will need a couple capacitors and a voltage regulator to get a perfect 12 volts DC.

A 25 volt 2200 uF capacitor to a standard 7812 regulator setup.

Something like this circuit.

12 volt supply.bmp


A Voltage Regulator is a basically must. Unless you are running something like Automotive electronics, that are designed to tolerate Voltage spikes and dips, you may shorten the life of the Equipment or cause it to malfunction.

A ready-to-go bridge rectifier will be a bit quicker/ Easier to assemble; diodes will work just fine. You could do without those 1N4004's.

But, hey, we all like Overkill right? :P

Don't forget a Fuse !

Thanks for your reply but could i use a gbj2510 single phase bridge rectifier to get 12v without the ripples or the need of a regulator

unfortunately you will still need a regulator it only take a few min to install on though well worth the time !

No, a bridge on its own gives you the ripple. You HAVE to have at least a capacitor - and a 12V transformer will put 18V on your capacitor, and the output of your circuit.

Thank you so much but i have a question could i use a gbj2510 single phase bridge rectifier to get 12v without the ripples or the need of a regulator

Without a capacitor to keep the ripple high you will have a bouncing voltage 0 to about 18 volts. And yes 18 volts is correct. 12 volts AC is an average. The true peak to peak AC voltage is more 36 volts when you rectify it you get around 18 volts DC ripple. The right capacitor will raise the ripple to between 15 and 18 volts, and the voltage regulator will remove all voltage above 12 volts as long as the ripple is 1 to 2 volts above the regulated voltage. So no you can't just use a rectifier to get a perfect 12 volts DC.


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A bridge is actually four diodes inside an epoxy package and sometimes a heat sink is added so you do not have to spend time wiring it yourself.