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12v 20-30a power supply Answered

good day yall, i want to make a simple power supply to power up car amplifier, i have a transformer the trans former and is working with the kbu 606 diode, what type of regulator would be best to use and how much would i need, and if you have a diagram of something simple that can be adjusted then that would be great, thank yow


Use a PC power supply rated for up to 30A on the 12V rails.

What kind of transformer do you have? What's the rated input and output of the transformer? Can the transformer put out the amperage you need?

That's tomuch wires and I would have to buy that, i have a lot of spear parts so I just wanna make use of what I got, the transformer is 110 in and have output of 19 and 43v, it has 3 wire on the output and I also have another tranformer that gives 16 and 55v which have an higher amp rating, that's what I have been usin all along but want a better circuit than what I have, I need good enough coltage regulator transistor, most of what I see is 1amp max,