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12v automatic lid opener Answered

I have a dc 12v winch that I want automatically open a lid of a feeder at a specified time, remain open for a spercified time and then reverse the motor to close the lid for a specified time and the procedure will repeat itself  the next day. I have a timer that will work but I want the motor to reverse automatically.Any info appreciated. Thanks


You'd be better using limit switches, so that the thing opens only the "right" amount, and isn't affected by temperature.
Here's a circuit that will do the job.

Hen door relays.jpg

Sorry, this is the actual circuit. Its uses three relays, two control the motor/winch, one controls the direction. The direction relay is driven by your timer. When the timer is on, the motor runs one way until it hits the limit switch, when it stops and stays there. When the timer is off, the motor reverses, until it hits the other switch and stops.

Hen door.jpg

THANKS STEVEASTROUK for your reply.I am not too clear on how the timer can change the direction? My timer will allow the motor to run at a given time from 0-20 sec. which is I think is adequate to move the lid.It shuts off until the next time ,the motor reverses and the lid closes.May I don't need limit switches.Your schematic is terrific. Where are the components available for purchase. Do you have a list of material that I could follow.?
Thanks to you in advance
Jack Yulc

Where are you Jack ? I have some Radio Shack numbers if you are in the USA. How long is the bin supposed to be open for ? My concept it that the timer goes on only for the length of time the bin needs to open.


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5 years ago

Hi Steve sorry for delay had prob with signing in.The timer will let the motor run for up to 20 sec. It will shut off until the next programed time and then timer will allow motor to run for up to 20 sec.This will allow the motor to open and close at up to 6 different times. during the time in between we want the motor to reverse and be ready to start at the next programed time.So essentially the timer allows the motor to run a for a definite time each cycle.I live in Canada but a Radio shack is close byThanks for your time and effort.